Questions & Answers

How much heat will CoolKote™ stop?

Up to 80% of the heat normally passing through the glazing system.

How does it do this?

CoolKote™ works on the basic principle of reflecting heat away at the source.

Does this mean that my conservatory will be cold in winter?

No. CoolKote™ is normally applied to the roof. The winter sun is much lower and shines in through the sides, allowing sufficient sun to warm your conservatory naturally.

Will CoolKote™ make my conservatory dark?

CoolKote™ adds a pleasant tint to the roof, in much the same style as the tinted polycarbonate now available. The only difference is that CoolKote™ keeps the heat out and is not for appearances only.

How effective are blinds at keeping out heat?

Fabric style roof blinds are inefficient in reducing solar gain as they don’t eflect the heat away, just shade. Reflective backed blinds can help but can become brittle and crack within a short period.

Will CoolKote™ reduce fading?

CoolKote™ significantly reduces both infra-red and ultra-violet rays which are the major cause of fading. Your furniture, carpets and curtains will be protected and have a much extended life. On that point alone CoolKote™ could pay for itself.

How long will CoolKote™ last?

CoolKote™ is a long lasting treatment and will give you years of satisfaction. We guarantee CoolKote™ for eight years when applied internally or up to three years when applied externally.

How long will it take to install CoolKote™?

The average conservatory takes no longer than a day.